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Rev. Mike Ricker led a Lenten Spiritual Renewal Weekend for us at White Bluff United Methodist Church Savannah, GA in March 2003.  The messages were inspiring and powerful!  Our church was deeply touched by the great preaching and nurtured by a three hour prayer seminar which was held on Saturday.
I heartily recommend Mike to you as a tremendous instrument of God who certainly has been a blessing to us at White Bluff. 
Thanks for your ministry to us, 
Wayne Moseley
Senior Pastor

My heart overflows with gratitude towards God for the wonderful time of refreshment in the Spirit which He has given me during your visit in November 2002.  Your heart piercing and challenging messages changed the entire scene of the seminar.  Throughout the 3 nights the delegates did not talk about any other less important matters.  This hardly happens in our conferences.  All of those present also rededicated their lives for the cause of evangelism and mission of the Church.  All went forward before the altar not being ashamed of anything. Your concluding message and the prayer of commitments of missionaries, pastors, deaconesses can never be forgotten in my life.  Having been in ministry for 17 years, I have never seen such a scene.
I thank God for your life and ministry and may our good God grant you a long and fruitful life.
Rev. Simon M. Brainerd
Gujarat, India  



I would like to thank Almighty God for having Bro. Mike, Cindy and Adam with us ministering in various places in India.  As far as the ministry that we had right from the day that they arrived in India, I have no proper words to explain because so much I have seen in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the meetings that we had.  The meetings that we had in Baroda and Lucknow were amazing.  It was amazing how God touched the hearts of the pastors, deaconesses and missionaries.  I personally have been touched by the Spirit of God and blessed by the grace of God.  On the last day of the conferences we were all touched by the Spirit of God and made a pledge to go back to our respective places and do great things for God.
Rev. M. A. Daniel
Executive Secretary of Missions and Evangelism
Methodist Church of India

We were very glad to have received Pastor Mike and we thank God for his heart.  He has been such a blessing to this nation.  It is very challenging to be a missionary here and to lead many young Christians to become leaders and pastors but we are thankful for the privilege of having people like Pastor Mike visit with us and share with us and impact us and our national leaders.
Pastor Walter and Esther Horner
Senegal, West Africa

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